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Poundland's Herbal Sexual Booster Nooky

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:50 am
by admin
Many of you will have heard by now that Poundland have released their own range of cheap 'n cheerful sex toys, lubricants, and herbal supplements.

One such supplement, is 'Nooky'. Designed for men as a booster in the bedroom, the herbal-based product is not specifically claiming to help with erectile dysfunction in men, but the implication is very much there.

The packaging advises you to take the 2 capsules supplied "and say hello to fun times".

However, despite many media outlets incorrectly describing Nooky as being similar to Viagra (a genuine erectile dysfunction treatment), the herbal supplement is not similar to Viagra: ... nds-nooky/

Therefore, we want to know, have any of you tried Poundland's Nooky and what was the experience like?