ED drug Cialis helps ejaculation and orgasm problems too

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ED drug Cialis helps ejaculation and orgasm problems too

Postby admin on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:49 pm

The findings of a new U.S. based study published within the February edition of the British Journal of Urology International suggests that the wonder erectile dysfunction medication (ED) Cialis may provide use to men in other areas of sexual dysfunction besides the obvious one of helping them to achieve and maintain an erection.

According to those behind the study, non-erectile sexual dysfunction issues are often both underreported and undertreated compared to ED possible due to a social stigma involved in addition to confusion about the physiology of male sexual response and orgasmic dysfunction, but problems reaching an orgasm and ejaculating are actually more common that people realise.

‘The Weekend Pill’ Cialis is one of three main ED medications together with Viagra and Levitra, rapidly becoming popular with millions of men after stepping out of large shadow cast by Viagra purely because it was released before Cialis and Levitra.

In recent times as clinical trials have taken place exploring the massive potential of Cialis, it has received European approval to be prescribed to men suffering with both ED and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH); a condition that mainly affects older men that results in an enlarged prostate gland and problems including difficulty passing urine, a need to urinate frequently, or finding it difficult to completely empty the bladder.

Researchers from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, led by Dr. Darius Paduch, opted for a meta-analysis statistical analysis – examining data extracted from 17 different placebo-controlled clinical trials that included a total of 3,581 participants, with a mean age of 54.9. Only some of the patients had reported as having mild or moderate ED.

In total, it was calculated that 1,512 of the men were suffering with severe ejaculatory dysfunction (EJD) and 1,812 had severe orgasmic dysfunction (OD) – two closely linked conditions but slightly different in that men with EJD experience an inability to achieve ejaculation during sexual activity, despite the male wanting to and still having an erection. OD is also referred to as ‘Anorgasmia’, whereby there is a loss of ability to have an orgasm which could be connected to factors such as certain medications, illness, depression, alcoholism or pelvic surgery. ‘Primary anorgasmia’ sufferers however have never achieved an orgasm despite sexual activity, but this is more prevalent in women.

The researchers looked at the men’s response to questions about what (if any) impact that Cialis had on ED, EJD, and OD, among other measures of sexual satisfaction. The questionnaire was tailored more towards ED and how Cialis improved this, but the comments given by the participants were intriguing and showed that Cialis could be used in other areas of sexual dysfunction too.

After a meta-analysis of the clinical trials, it was found that 66% of men who had severe EJD and 66% with severe OD who took Cialis prior to sexual activity over 12 weeks reported improved ejaculatory function, compared to just 36% and 35%, respectively, in the group assigned the placebo. Interestingly, benefits from Cialis were evident regardless of severity of the man’s ED.

Speaking in a press release, Dr Paduch said: “There are many men who have, at most, very mild problems achieving an erection but who cannot easily ejaculate. Our study shows Cialis works very well for these men with problems ejaculating. Many of my patients are young men who want to have children and so they want to solve their issues with ejaculation. We don’t know why this occurs. Every internist faces this problem in his male patients and has no options to offer. Our study shows Cialis may help.”
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