I'm new & thinking about Cialis...

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I'm new & thinking about Cialis...

Postby Nick on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:30 pm

Hi guys, I just joined the forum today!

I've tried Pfizer Viagra before, and it gave me horrible side-effects, blurred vision/flushed, bright red face, feeling like I had that constant sick feeling in my throat ect. So I've had no luck there.

I recently got some herbal V, which also gave me similar effects but not as extreme. I've got some herbal "Golden Root" tabs still in my posession to try out.

What is Cialis like? I'm hoping it won't be a dissapointment yet again like the others, but I suppose everyone's different aren't they?
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Re: I'm new & thinking about Cialis...

Postby friend on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:55 am

Wouldn't advise herbal or generic stuff mate. They might contain an inappropriate amount of active ingredient and do no good to your cause. You should definitely see your GP first and if that is not possible, maybe try a legal online clinic. Since you have tried Viagra and it hasn't worked for you amicably, you might wanna start at a lower dose of Cialis first to see if it is ok for you. In some cases where people didn't get good results with Viagra or Cialis, Levitra came to help. So try these too (off course discuss it with a doctor first)
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