The Rise of Cialis

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The Rise of Cialis

Postby admin on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:28 pm

For many years Viagra has been the sole product for men who suffer erectile dysfunction, but another product owned by Eli Lilly who make a drug called Cialis have been catching FAST! and now claim to have a 50% share in some countries.

So far Cialis have brought out four different dosages of their drug 2.5mg (Cialis daily), 5mg, 10mg & their strongest version 20mg.


All these drugs have been proven to work well for most men who suffer impotence, but the main bonus to Cialis over Viagra is that it lasts up to thirty six hours, which means you don't have to take it just before sex.

Cialis UK is also now one of the most type keywords in Google for prescription medication, and regular adverts on television on make its branding even more popular.
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